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Tarik Trafik Tinggi Dengan Satu Post Sahaja


1. Just make a new post like me or create a post with cool title
2. Just put the links below in your article

1.  pVidia

Before putting these links into your post, just eliminate the number one in the list and replace it with the 2nd link on the list, keep on doing that and finally, put YOUR link at the 15th place.

 Rules : Don't change the order of the links

no.15, backlink = 1
no.14, backlink = 5
no.13, backlink = 25
no.12, backlink = 125
no.11, backlink = 625
no.10, backlink = 3,125
no.9,  backlink = 15,625
no.8,  backlink = 78,125
no.7,  backlink = 390,625
no.6,  backlink = 1,953,125
no.5, backlink = 9,765,625
no.4,  backlink = 48,828,125
no.3,  backlink = 244,140,625
no.2,  backlink = 1,220,703,125
no.1,  backlink = 6,103,515,625

By following the rules, u can get maximum of 6,103,515,625 links!

How to put links?

Dont believe it? just try it first.There's no harm in trying!

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